My t-tape foreskin restoration method

A year or two before I graduated from high school (~2007), I found through the internet that I was far from the only man who didn't like being cut. Some were even trying to reverse it by using stretching methods to regrow foreskin. I started trying to restore on my own, using some of the techniques I read about as inspiration.

After much trial and error I personally found t-tape to be the best way to go for myself. The t-tape was way easier for me to conceal under my pants. It held on way better while I was walking. And it was much more comfortable to wear. Downsides are the time it takes to set it up, the time it takes to take it off (no spontaneous sex), and the cost. That last downside can be made much better by buying 6-packs of 3M Micropore tape rolls on Amazon.

Things you'll need:

  • A 6-pack of 3M Micropore tape

  • A knee brace

  • An elastic band (part of a suspender strap works well)

  • Very large safety pins (I found these at a craft store)

  • A marker and scissors

  • A t-tape template (mine was 16cm x 3cm before being folded, and was made out of non-stick carpet tape backing. I think any non-stick material, such as wax paper, could work). Fold the template in half lengthwise.

Step-by-step t-tape instructions:

Attach an elastic strap with a suspender clip to the knee brace using a large safety pin

I liked to sew together multiple suspender clips to the elastic strap for more even and secure tugging.

Build your t-tape template (You'll re-use this each day when applying the tape):

Find a material with a wax paper like surface on one side, and another side that you can stick tape to. Duct tape may work for this.

Cut the material into a rectangle shape. My template is about 1.25" x 4.5" in size, but you'll have to experiment with this part. Stick tape to one side of it to make it sturdy.

Prepare the t-tape:

Cut a strip of tape that is the same length as the template. Attach it to one side of the template, with the leftover portion of tape extending past the folded end of the template.

Using the edge of the tape that is away from the template, roll a little less than 1cm of tape onto itself twice to create a 3-layer thick tab on the upper edge.

Cut another strip of tape the same length, and put it on the other side of the template.

Fold the top part of the new piece over the thick tab on the first piece, so that the tab is now 5 layers thick. This thick strip of tape will be necessary for attaching tension to the safety pins without the tape ripping. Try to line up one edge of the tape as much as possible, but its ok if the other edge isn't quite right.

Apply the t-tape:

First, figure out where the tape needs to go. You want pull skin over the head of your penis so that the skin inside and outside are at about the same tension. That will allow the tape setup to be more resilient.

Do this by pinching some shaft skin and pulling it down in the direction you will tug (toward the knee). Roll the skin until tension is even inside vs out. Mark that spot with a dot from a pen. Repeat a couple more times around the shaft.

Unstick the t-tape from the template and attach it to the shaft skin, centered by the dots. I found that pulling the skin taught in all directions where the tape is being stuck helps the resilience of the tape. It also avoids accidentally capturing a wrinkle in the skin below the tape, which would fail easily when tension is applied.

If there is a bit of extra tape after wrapping around the shaft, tear it along the tab so that it can be overlapped without taping the tab down.

It is very important to carefully line up the center line at the tape's start/end. If it isn't aligned, there will be a small point of skin at that interface that will be twisted by the competing center lines, and you'll probably get a sore spot there if you apply tension to the tape. Practice and attention to detail will prevent it.

Modify your template if needed so that the tape winds up being the correct length to wrap around your shaft.

After sticking the tape, gently pull the pull tab forward, to fold the skin over, and gently pinch the tape to be sure it is all stuck properly. At this point I liked to cut 6 additional strips of tape and stick them, 3 on the inside and three on the outside, to reinforce the tape even more. I'm not sure that this step is necessary, but I liked wearing the tape 3 days at a time if possible, and I think the reinforcement helped. It also added additional layers to the pull tab on the end of the tape.

It helps to put a wadded up piece of tissue into the foreskin area to keep the tape dry inside. Especially importand after you pee

Finally, put on the knee brace and attach the suspender clip to the t-tape.

Alternatively, you can use little metal hooks on the knee brace strap, and then weave 4 large safety pins into the t-tape tab. Attach the hooks to the safety pins to tug, open the safety pins in a square to push the glans through and urinate.

Helpful tips

  • Make sure the skin is oil-free before applying tape. The best way to do that is with a washcloth and lotion-free soap in the shower.

  • Make sure tension is always applied equally to inner and outer skin. If you notice the inside part of the t-tape is coming off first, the tape needed to be applied a bit closer to the glans in that area. Or vice versa.

  • Setup time is important. With 3M Micropore tape, it is best to wait at least an hour before applying tension. I like to apply tape at bed time, then start tugging in the morning.

  • Control moisture. Use a part of a tissue or paper towl, wadded up inside the foreskin to keep the tape dry on the inside. On the outside, it helps to wear boxers, with your penis sticking out of the fly so that you tug with the boxer fabric between your leg and the t-tape.

  • When removing t-tape, get it wet a while before taking it off. It will come off much easier.

After getting the method down and being very particular about details, I was usually able to use the same t-tape application for multiple days before changing it out. This cuts down a lot on the time spent taping up.