Restoration Progress Photos

Regarding time-to-restore:

Many men report significantly faster progress than documented here.  When I started consistently restoring (around 2010) foreskin restoration wasn't nearly as known about.  I used a device called the CAT IIQ for a while, which in hindsight didn't work well, and my methods were certainly not very effective.  I was a college student for a few years after that, and wasn't as dedicated to restoring as I could've been.

After my touch-up surgery, I took a significant break from foreskin restoration.  I have started again, but much less consistently than before.  The amount of time documented here does not represent how long it will take to regrow a foreskin.  If you are dedicated, you should be able to get these results significantly faster than I did.

July 2010, 20 years old

Before consistent restoration

March 2012, 22 years old

1-2 years of consistent restoration

January 2014, 24 years old

3-4 years of restoration

Fall 2016, 27 years old

Shortly before touch-up surgery

~6 years of restoration

Fall 2019, 30 years old

(touch-up surgery was fall 2016)

~9 years of restoration, ~3 years after touch-up

Fall 2020, 31 years old

~10 years of restoration, ~4 years after touch-up

Summer 2021, 31 years old

~10-11 years of restoration, ~4.5 years after touch-up

January 2021, 31 years old

~10 years of restoration, 4 years after touch-up

October 2021, 32 years old

~11 years of restoration, 5 years after touch-up

(There will be significantly more coverage when sitting vs standing)

August 2023, 34 years old

7 years after touch-up

I have not been restoring as consistetly as before now that I have full glans coverage.  So I have stopped noting "... years of restoration"

I do continue to restore, and will update this page occasionally.