I created this site to document my experiences and progress with foreskin restoration.  If you're unfamiliar with how it works, there are some helpful links below.  See the navigation menu for progress pictures, my t-tape method, and my touch up surgery.
Foreskin is important:
  • Foreskin protects the glans, which on intact men is shiny, smooth, and sensitive.  Circumcision at infancy rips apart the foreskin and glans while they are still adhered together. It leaves the glans raw and painful for weeks, then keratinized, unprotected, and desensitized for life.
  • Foreskin provides rolling motion over the glans during sex and masturbation
  • Foreskin is densely innervated itself
  • Foreskin is a natural male body part, and is attractive to many of us who were mutilated at birth
The fact that I was cut at birth is something that has troubled and angered me since I was young.  To take a knife to a person's genitals when there is nothing wrong with them and they cannot say no is an obvious, egregious violation of their autonomy.  It is genital mutilation, nothing more.
Motivations and outcomes of my restoration journey:
  • At least partially undo the damage to sexual function that was done.  I have felt this benefit.  The glans is significantly smoother and more sensitive than it used to be, since it is now protected during day-to-day activities.  Rolling motion makes things easier and more fun for both me and and a partner.  To have precum under the foreskin, with the whole foreskin hugging the head and gently gliding around over it, is an intensely good feeling that I never felt before.
  • I wanted to longer appear circumcised. To not feel like I'm forced represent such a widespread violation with my body.  To not have to see a scar and missing parts when I look at myself.
  • Improvement of mental health


Other helpful resources:

Common foreskin restoration methods and devices: